Chapter 2: Glaciers and Sandflies

The adventure continues.

We had planned to have a sort-of-rest-day at Franz Josef, because there is a glacier there among other things that we could do. It wasn’t intended to be a full rest day though, because the plan was to cycle 25 km to Fox (and another glacier) in the afternoon. Now if you happen to live in Canada or Alaska or maybe the Himalaya you might think “A glacier? big deal”, but from our perspective living in Australia where snow is quite an unusual phenomenon, a glacier is a major attraction.

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Chapter 1: Wet coast?

This year, we once again spent a few weeks cycling around New Zealand, but this time we went to the South Island.

It seemed like it was ages before we actually did any cycling though (apart from riding from the airport to the YHA when we flew into Christchurch; into the most horrendous headwind by the way). The day after we arrived we spent in Christchurch, as intended, and we visited the museum and Antarctic center, which were both very interesting. Continue reading “Chapter 1: Wet coast?”

Setting up this blog

Well, it has taken a couple of days but I’m quite happy with the progress I’ve made on this site.

As it happens, there are loads of web hosting companies out there who sell domain names and hosting for quite modest prices. A domain name is something that I don’t yet have, but hopefully that will change quite soon; an IP address is not terribly easy to remember. So the logic of the situation is that any sane, rational person would opt for a hosting package, as they are cheap and user friendly. Continue reading “Setting up this blog”

Test Post

Here is another test post to see how QTM goes with my self hosted WordPress blog. I found that the GNOME blog entry poster did work, but it is incredibly clumsy, and also quite dangerous in that when I closed the window with an unsaved post, it didn’t prompt me to save my changes. The reviews in Ubuntu software center describing it as being “simple to the point of being unusable” were dead right.

Having sasid all that, when I tried to set up my account in QTM, it kept on saying that there was some error and to check that I had entered the right password (I know I had), so I kind of want to make sure that QTM is able to actually post something.

Here goes…..