Blurb on the Test Posts

I noticed my two test posts there on the home page. Perhaps I should delete them, but I quite like how they look like something out of a badly written comedy.

To give you a bit more of an insight, what I was actually testing was programs with which you can write and publish a post to a blog. My motivation for this kind of thing is partly seeking an offline drafting mode, as I don’t always have internet on a longer cycling trip. I have also been using Mozilla Thunderbird for email for a few years now, which has been much more pleasant than logging in to separate webmail accounts. So partly to see if a blog client would be more pleasant to use compared to a web interface.

So I tried out two blog clients, but to be honest, both were pretty ordinary. The GNOME blog poster (as I said in the second test post) has next to no features. Although QTM seems more promising, it had some problems connecting to my blog’s API. As a result, QTM was able to publish a post, but it could not list or create any categories, which I am using a bit. QTM can however manage multiple blogs from the one app, which is useful for some, whereas the GNOME app doesn’t incorporate that quite basic feature.

In conclusion, I think the web interface is probably the easiest to use in my case. If I need to do an offline draft, eg if I am in the middle of the Gobi desert and I don’t have any WiFi, then I will type it up in Vim

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